Interests, and Inspirations(2010)

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* all pictures in this page are from my reference books *

Ettore Sottsass Architect and designer
by Ronald T. Labasco

Ettore Sottsass with Stereo Cabinet No. 1, 1994 (left)
Carlton room divider, 1981 (right)

jasmine Hill, Singapore, 1996-2000

Pranzo aromatico (Aromatic Lunch) table and Elledue (L2) chairs,
from I mobili grigi ( The Grey Furniture) collection, 1970

Rene Magritte 1898-1967 Thoght rendered visible
by Marcel Paquat

The shadow and his shadows, 1932

Perspicacity, 1936

Attempting the Impossible, 1928 (left)
Not To Be Reproduced (Portrait of Edward James), 1937 (right)

The Enchanted Realm, 1953 (top and centre)
The Ignorant Fairy, 1957 (bottom)

Mario Botta the complete works volume1 1960-1985
Edited by Emilio Pizzi

Single-Family House, Cadenazzo (Ticino), 1970-1971

Single-Family House, Riva San Vitale (Ticino), 1971-1973

Junior High School (middle School), Morbio Inferiore (Ticino) (top)
Single-family house by Tita Carloni, Rovio (Ticino) (bottom)

Theatre and Centural Center, Chambery, 1982-1987

Banca del Gottardo, Lugano, 1982-1988

Shigeo Fukuda masterworks
introduction by Seymour Chwast

Shigeo Fukuda Exhibition – 150 Plakatow, 1995 (top left)
200th Anniversary of Sharaku Exhibition, 1995 (top right)
Graphic Design Today (A), 1990 (bottom left)
Table 35 Exhibition, 1992 (bottom right)

You May Art – Shigeo Fukuda Exhibition, 1995

The Universe of Romanized Script,
made of 10 metal poles 8.05 meters high, 2001 (left)
Sea Cannot be Cut Apart, made of 2084 pairs of scissors, 1988 (right)

Gio Ponti 1891-1979 Master of Lightness
by Graziella Roccella

Steel knife, fork and spoon, Arthur Krupp Italia, 1950 (right)

Wooden chair with butterfly pattern (left)
Bedroom, ornamentation by Piero Fornasetti, 1951 (right)

Presidential desk with intarsia, Director’s Offices of the Societa Ferrania, Rome, 1936 (left)
The library with its red and white painted bookshelves, Faculty of Mathematics Building,
Campus of La Sapienza University, Via Cesare de Lollis, Rome, 1934 (right)

Case Laporte, Via Benedetto Brin 12, Milan, 1935-1936 (left)
Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, USA 1966-1971 (right)

Living room of double height with the balustrade,
Villa Nemazee, Teheran, Iran, 1960-1965 (top)
View of the lounge with its light furnishings and characteristic hexagonal window openings,
providing and unblocked view into the other rooms, Hotel Parco dei Principi,
Via Saverio Mercadante, Rome, 1961-1964 (bottom left)
View of the stairwell with the gallery,
Villa Planchart, Caracas, Venezuela, 1953-1960 (bottom right)

Koning Eizenberg Buildings
introduction by William J. Mitchell
essays by Aaron Betsky and Julie Eizenberg

Hollywood Duplex, Hollywood, 1987

McMillen Studio, Santa Monica, 1984

Hollywood Duplex, Hollywood, 1987

31st Street House, Santa Monica, 1993

The secret studio Bernard Buffet
texts by Annabel Buffet and Jean-Claude Lamy
photographs by Luc Fournol and Benjamin Auger

Paris, 1968
‘The Clown feels afraid and paints his face. People, too. It’s less visible,
and dingier, but there’s nothing they can do about it, alas!’

Saint-Crespin, 1981 (bottom)
Buffet in his studio with a set of self-portraits.

Saint-Tropez, 1979 (right)
Buffet in front of Nu assis (Seated Nude), Couple, and Nu debout (Standing Nude).

Paris, 1960
Annabel in front of Annabel a la tunigue grecque (Annebel in Greek Tunic)

Vincent Van Gogh by Jorn Hetebrugge

Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh in Vincente Minnelli’s Lust for Life, USA, 1956 (left)
Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saintes-Maries, 1888 (right)

Blossoming Almond Tree, 1890

Vase with Irises, 1890


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  1. Dave says:

    You’ll be one of these greats some day yourself.

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